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Music Visuals Archive
January 2022
Archive of inspiring, dynamic, energetic visual assets used to accompany musical artists.

EcoFleet Brand Concepts
November 2021
Creating a range of brand concepts for cargo bike courier company EcoFleet

Zine Workshop: Making Menus / Food & Care_WIP
September 2021
Exploring conversations about food and care. Through collaging and drawing, we will each make a menu for someone we want to show care for and unpack the personal nuances in preparing food for others that stem from our upbringing

Hoxton 253 Gallery Group Show
July 2021
Presenting my project “Perspective is a Balloon” at Hoxton 253 Gallery

24 kilometers to throw away
Investigating the physical distance of “away” when “throwing away trash”, by documenting a walking journey from bedroom to landfill.

Perspective is A Balloon
May 2021
Work in progress video on project on moving perspectives and changing contexts

Round Things Around Parks
February 2021
Finding round things around parks

March 2021
Collection of pastels in March

Finding All The Wrong Reasons
Why I Hate My Passport

January 2021
A visual investigation. A game of truth finding by deduction.

The Weight
February 2021
Maybe I’m just annoyed by the 40g weight of my passport?

The Words “Pass” and “Port”
February 2021
Maybe I just don’t like the words “pass” and “port”, could changing these words make me like my passport?

The Layout of the Graphics
February 2021
I edited the formatting of the graphics on my passport. Would this make me hate my passport any less?

Width & Length of Passport
February 2021
explorataion.nkdndwddnddddjjowjdoijwdoijwordsoidjo;ijwoijeoi paragraph of words to fill the sapce

Finding Space
December 2020
Rights to land and perspective of space

On Wheels
December 2020
An illustrated collection of moments caught on wheels

She Never Taught Her Children How To Swim
November 2020
An illustrated story

Kitchen Dance
November 2020
Oil pastel observations of hand movements in the kitchen

October 2020
Satirical cooking competition short.

How to Make a Garlic Clove Cast with Candle Wax
October 2020
Developing cast out of candle wax

Playground Rules!
August 2020
A zine about play and designed spaces for children

Chong Branding
July 2020
Branding Development for creative label “Chong”

Scan bots
July 2020
Robots made out of magazine collage

Tortoise Media & Tate Modern Brief
February 2020
Project Proposal