Finding Space

Questions and Themes
  • how can you judge something when you know so little about it?
  • ownership of land
  • nationality
  • belonging to a place
  • interpretation of land and home
  • The Exploration of space in small objects.
  • Rights to land and perspective of space
  • Does the land have any say?

There is much effort to put claim upon what belongs to who, but how much do we actually understand about our physical space?

Visual imagery such as topographic maps and satellite photographs dominate the ways in which we produce knowledge about the physical space. Is it accurate? How does it distort or inform our relationship with it?

  1. I find objects around the domestic environment that resemble “space”
  2. Photograph it
  3. Do a oil pastel interpretation of the photo
  4. Scan oil pastel drawing and overlay with photograph
  5. Edit image on photoshop
Oil Pastel Interpretation of Pan
Overlay Oil Pastel Drawing and Photo of Pan
Editing Image
Final Outcome

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